Writing Tips

writing tipsPicture book writers and illustrators: Who better to give you writing tips & other creative tips than published picture book writers & illustrators?  Explore their advice at your leisure or when searching for guidance or inspiration.    

Updated December, 2017

JON AGEE is the author/illustrator of Life on Mars and other books.  Read his 20 Questions.

LINDA ASHMAN is the author of Ella Who? and other books.  Read her Step by Step through Your Picture Book.  

EVE HEIDI BINE-STOCK is the author of the How to Write a Children’s Picture Book series.  Read her writing tips in 20 Questions Answered by Eve Heidi Bine-Stock.

PAM CALVERT is the author of Princess Peepers Picks a Pet and other books.  Read her Picture Book University lessons.

TINA CHO is the author of The Girl’s Guide to Manners and other books.  Read her How to Write a Lyrical Picture Book.

REBECCA COLBY is the author of Motor Goose: Rhymes That Go! and other books.  Read her Writing Humorous Picture Books on the website of author Laurie J. Edwards.

JULIA DONALDSON is the author of Zog and the Flying Doctors and other books.  Listen to her A Song, A Feminist Princess, and a Conversation podcast on Scholastic Reads.

MEM FOX is the author of Time for Bed and other books.  Read her Quick & Snappy Advice.

JACKIE FRENCH is the author of Diary of a Wombat and other books.  Read her Writing Tips.  

KRISTEN FULLTON is the author of Long May She Wave: The True Story of Caroline Pickersgill and Her Star-Spangled Creation and other books.  Read her Where Do I Find My Ideas.

JOSH FUNK is the author of Lady Pancake & Sir French Toast and other books.  Read his Guide to Writing Picture Books (in 12 Easy Steps).

JAMI GIGOT is the illustrator/author of Mae and the Moon.  Read her Creating Picture Books As an Author/Illustrator.

KARLIN GRAY is the author of Nadia: The Girl Who Couldn’t Sit Still and other books.  Read her Tips for Writing a Biography as well as 10 Tips on Writing Picture Books.

KATEY HOWES is the author of Grandmother Thorn and other books.  Read her 12×12 Featured Author Post on What Reading Picture Books Aloud Has in Common with Dancing.

JENNIFER RICHARD JACOBSON is the author of Small as an Elephant and other books.  Listen to her Writing With Resonance.

JESS KEATING is the author of Shark Lady: The True Story of How Eugenie Clark Became the Ocean’s Most Fearless Scientist and other books.  Read her Drafting Tips.  

ALICE KUIPERS is the author of Violet and Victor Write the Best-Ever Bookworm Book and other books.  Read her 10 Tips for Writing Children’s Picture Books.

TARA LAZAR is the author of 7 Ate 9 and other books.  Read her How to Develop Children Story Ideas and Create Picture Books.

KARIN LEFRANC is the author of I Want to Eat Your Books.  Read her 8 Tips for Writing Picture Books

MICHAEL MAHIN is the author of Muddy: The Story of Blues Legend Muddy Waters. Read his writing tips on his blog.

KATE MESSNER is the author of Over and Under the Pond.  Read her Best Bits of Writing Advice Given Over the Years.

DEBBIE RIDPATH OHI is the author/illustrator of Sam & Eva Read her Creating Picture Books: How-to Guides, Free Templates & Resources.

ROSIE J. POVA is the author of If I Weren’t With You and other books.  Read her Classic Picture Book Structure: Easy Breakdown in her September 2017 blog post.

JEAN REIDY is the author of Busy Builders, Busy Week!  Read her Does Your Picture Book Premise Have Power.

ROB SANDERS is the author of Rodzilla and other books.  Read his Building A Story: Plots, Characters, and Settings—Oh, My!

PATRICE SHERMAN is the author of John Locke and other books.   Read her various tips and ideas on her website Writing Picture Books for Children.

PATRICIA TOHT is the author of All Aboard the London Bus and other books.  Read her Turn That Picture Book Page!

JANE YOLEN is the author of How Do Dinosaurs Go to Sleep and other books.  Read 3 Techniques Jane Yolen Has Perfected written by Carrie Charley Brown for Picture Book Summit.

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